Feature List - 04/11/09

The features of the FFXI Calculator are split among tabbed sections.

- Full Merit Point calculator with the ability to Open, Save, and Clear the display.
- Copy option to create a neatly formatted summary of the entered Merit information to paste into another program or browser.

Experience Points
- Full Experience and Limit Points calculator with Open and Save functions for easier updating.
- Allows entry of current and desired job levels and merits for calculation and display.
- Predicts remaining fighting time and total number of kills based on the entered current rate information.
- Copy option to create a summary of the Experience Points and Merit information to paste into another program or browser.

- Melee and Ranged Accuracy calculators with suport for all food and song effects.
- Melee Attack Delay calculator for determining your delay after all haste effects.
- TP Calculator for determing TP Per Hit and required Hits For 100 TP
- Latent Effect Points calculator with support for 300 and 500 point latent tabulation.
-- 'Open' and 'Save' options for storing multiple weapons or for working on a single weapon over a longer period of time.
- Skill Caps calculator for viewing combat and magic skill progression
- Enhancing Magic calculator with support for Stoneskin, Phalanx, Phalanx II, and En-Spell Damage.

- Full Skillchain calculator with a simple interface. The calculator has filters for specific weapon skills, mythic and relic weapon skills, skillchain level, and monster weakness.

- Hourglass divider that displays the cost of the hourglass split among the entered number of people.
- Full lists of the Relic Armor that is available from each original Dynamis area.
- Full lists of the Relic Armor, Accessories, Armor -1 and Hydra Armor Sets available from each CoP Dynamis area.

- Artifact+1 Materials list and Currency Divider to help split Ancient Beastcoins among the entered number of people.
- Full Apollyon and Temenos information and guide sections with details on loot, monsters, and strategies.

- Point calculator for all items available in each of the five original Assault areas.
- Reports the required number of Assault missions remaining using the amount of points per run.
- Rank calculator for storing current Assault Rank points and reporting remaining missions required.
- Displays the total number of Salvage runs available through the points stored in each location.
- Information boxes for each piece of gear available.

- Full recipe search feature for synthesis and desynthesis recipes from all 8 professions.
- Searches through Names, HQ Names, or Ingredients.
- Full list of the Open, Closed, or Holiday status of each of the 9 guilds, with an Earth-time countdown of the next change.
- Full Guild Information listing with Locations, Guild Point Items, and Guild Test Items.
- Integrated search function that requires only one click to lookup the ingredients of the Guild Test Items.

- Simple Windower Macro Editor with templates and inserts.

FFXI Settings
- Utility to modify nearly all of the FFXI settings beyond the limits of the normal configuration program.
- Features templates and Open and Save options to quickly store and apply commonly used settings at later times.
- Allows editing and applying FFXI Settings without closing PlayOnline.
- Optionally edits a Windower.ini to adjust the display resolution without opening the file.