Update History (Older Versions)

Newer Versions

4.30 - 09/28/15
- Changes to the 'Merits' section
-- Updated 'General Merit Categories' to reflect new merit limits
-- Added 'Maximum Merit Points' option to the 'HP/MP' tab
-- Added 'Geomancy Skill' and 'Handbell Skill' options to the 'Magic Skills' tab
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Updated 'Skill Caps' for each job
-- Updated TP formula in the 'Delay' section

4.26 - 08/07/13
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Changes to the 'Accuracy' tab
--- Calculator now uses 'DEX' and 'AGI' instead of 'Dexterity' and 'Agility'
--- Corrected bug that may cause layout elements to shift over other parts of the display
--- Added 'Ambush' and 'Closed Position' to the 'Job Abilities and Traits' section
-- Changes to the 'Magic' > 'Healing' tab
--- Calculator now uses 'MND', 'VIT', and 'CHR'
--- Setting 'Waltz' mode now properly changes 'Cure Potency+' to 'Waltz Potency+'

4.25 - 08/04/13
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' section
-- 'Desired Levels' now displays only desired levels instead of both earned and desired levels

- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Changes to the 'Accuracy' tab
--- Accuracy calculator now uses a 4:3 DEX:Accuracy ratio for all weapon types
--- Split 'Combat Skill' entry box into 'On Status Display' and 'On Weapon'
---- 'On Status Display' refers to the combat skill listed in the combat skill status window
---- 'On Weapon' refers to the combat skill printed on weapons with item levels above 99
----- This combat skill is not added to the character sheet value and is not cumulative with any combat skill printed on the offhand weapon

-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab
--- Delay calculator now properly calculates the Dual Wield level when Thief is selected as the main job
--- Added 'Delve Earring Set' to the 'Dual Wield' item list
--- Added 'Tantra Cyclas +2' to the 'Martial Arts' item list

4.24 - 06/29/13
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Added missing 'Dual Wield' equipment

4.23 - 06/11/13
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' section
-- Geomancer and Rune Fencer level information should no longer conflict when opening a file

4.22 - 06/01/13
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' section
-- Adjusted the layout
-- Rune Fencer level information should now properly clear or update when using the Clear menu or opening a file
-- Level 99 buffer entry box now caps at the correct value
-- Implemented 'Maat's Cap Progress' display
--- Standard and Extra jobs have a checkbox to represent a Maat victory on that job

- Changes to the 'Equipment' section
-- Implemented Storage Slip 14
-- Added missing items to several storage slips

4.21 - 05/12/13
- Changes to the 'Merits' section
-- Adjusted merit point cost for each level of 'Weapon Skills' merits
-- Adjusted 'Magic Skills' merit cap to 32

- Changes to the 'Experience Points' section
-- Added total levels display to both 'Earned' and 'Desired' sections
-- Level information for 'Rune Fencer' should now correctly save in the Collection File

- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Added support for 'Handbell' under 'Skill Caps'

4.20 - 04/19/13
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' section
-- Geomancer and Rune Fencer added to the experience points calculator

- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Added support for Geomancer and Rune Fencer under 'Skill Caps'
-- Implemented 'Geomancy' Magic Skill under 'Skill Caps'
-- Added 'Accuracy Bonus V' trait for Ranger

-- Changes to the 'Delay' section
--- Changed 'Spirit Surge' to Job Ability Haste
--- Adjusted internal haste values for Advancing March and Victory March
--- Implemented slider to control March enhancements from 0 to +5
--- Implemented Marcato option for Victory March

- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Added several Unbridled Learning Blue Magic skills

4.13 - 12/09/12
- Changes to the 'Merits' section
-- Corrected merit point values for several categories
-- Increased 'Attributes' to a maximum of 24
-- Updated text for several 'Group 1' merits
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Corrected tab key order in the 'Skill Caps' section
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Added remaining blue magic skills and merit point weapon skills

4.12 - 04/15/12
- Prompt to save data while exiting is now an option available under the Tools > Options section
-- Default setting is off
-- Added option to select a file to automatically save to on exit without prompting
--- The same file can be selected for automatic saving and automatic loading

4.11 - 04/13/12
- Calculator now prompts to save data when exiting
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Updated formulas for Cure I - VI (Blue Magic still uses old formulas)
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Added several new merit weapon skills
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' section
-- Massive Atma checklist converted to a 'Porter Moogle'-style interface
--- Older save files should be fully compatible with the new interface

4.10 - 12/16/11
- Updated to support level cap of 99

- Changes to the 'Merits' section
-- 'General Merit Categories' now uses two columns for easier navigation
-- 'HP' updated to cap at 15
-- 'Attributes' updated to cap at 12
-- Implemented 'Weapon Skills' tab under 'General Merit Categories'

- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- 'Monk' subjob now properly grants 'Martial Arts IV' at 92+ under 'Delay'

- Changes to the 'Equipment' section
-- Added several items to 'Storage Slip 11'
-- Implemented 'Storage Slip 12' and 'Storage Slip 13'

- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' section
-- Implemented 'Menu Resolution', Sound 'Always On', and 'Font Compression' settings

4.02 - 12/09/11
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Implemented base cap values for Cure I - IV
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Added several Puppermaster skills

4.01 - 10/25/11
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Added 'Curing Waltz' calculator to the 'Healing' tab
--- Switch between White and Blue or Curing Waltz using the 'Magic Type' box
--- Check 'DNC Main' for Main Job Dancer, uncheck for Sub Job Dancer

- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Updated elements for some weapon skills
-- Added several Blue Magic abilities
-- Implemented two Campaign weapon skills and a 'Campaign' display checkbox

4.00 - 10/22/11
- Automatic update check should no longer prevent the Calculator from completely closing shortly after launch

- Added 'Equipment' section
-- Implemented 'Porter Moogle' tab to save and edit lists of gear stored on each Slip
--- 'Deposit' section adds to storage and 'Withdraw' section removes from storage
--- Stored items are saved within the Collection File
--- Search function will display matching stored items

- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- 'Melee Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' are now on a single tab with a new selection box
-- Removed 'Latent Effect Points' tab
-- Corrected scaling for 'Skill Caps' beyond level 90

- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Implemented 'Weapon Skill Points' section to replace 'Latent Effect Points' from 'Statistics'

- Changes to the 'Battle Events' section
-- Removed 'Hourglass Divider' from the 'Dynamis' tab
-- Added 'Forced-Spawn NM' checklists for Altepa, Grauberg, and Uleguerand

- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Implemented new multithreaded search engine
-- Updated the recipe library

3.92 - 09/24/11
- Fixed bug that caused 'Skill Caps' to scale with the old values

3.91 - 09/24/11
- Added support for level limit of 95

3.90 - 08/28/11
- Changes to the 'Delay' section
-- Added support for Store TP V for Samurai level 90
-- Selecting 'Samurai' subjob with 'Ranged Attack' should no longer make 'Hasso' selectable
-- Selecting 'Ninja (Dual Wield)' or 'Dancer' subjobs with 'Ranged Attack' should no longer enable Dual Wield settings
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Skillchain calculator now supports up to four steps

3.87 - 05/20/11
- Corrected bug that locked the calculator when loading a file with merit settings beyond the former caps
- TP readout now displays correctly when delay is greater than 999

3.86 - 05/14/11
- Corrected bug that reset the merit total when items in 'General Merit Categories' were beyond the former caps

3.85 - 05/12/11
- Lowered the timeout interval for the updater to 10 seconds
- Updated 'General Merit Categories' to reflect the new totals from the May 10 update
- Updated the elemental properties for several weapon skills in the 'Skillchains' section

3.84 - 04/15/11
- Level 31 Monk should now properly have 'Martial Arts III' in the Delay calculator

3.83 - 02/26/11
- Delay reduction cap calculation should now properly take job-specific Martial Arts into account
- Changes to 'FFXI Calculator Update'
-- Progress bar for the update process should now be more accurate in Windows Vista and Windows 7
-- Increased horizontal windows size slightly
-- Calculator should now stay responsive if the update connection is delayed

3.82 - 02/25/11
- Corrected bug in Delay that reported the haste effect cap as the delay reduction cap

3.81 - 02/24/11
- Added support for launching the program with a file argument
-- Supports Windows file association and the command line
- Added new 'Tools' menu option
-- Contains 'Options' menu item to access new FFXI Calculator Options panel
--- Allows selecting a file to load each time the Calculator starts
- Implemented new Collection File layout
- The option 'Start in Windowed Mode' under 'FFXI Settings' now properly saves to the Collection File
- Corrected the alignment of input controls on several tabs
- Fixed bug that caused the Settings File error message to display behind the splash screen
- Checking for updates on startup should no longer hang the program if the connection is delayed
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Implemented 'Weapon Skill TP' options in the 'Delay' calculator
-- Reaching the overall delay reduction cap (set to 80%) now turns the delay output red
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' section
-- Changed Assault Points per Salvage run to 500 from 1500

3.80 - 02/12/11
- Added 'Healing' option to the Clear menu
- 'Save' and 'Open' now include the Healing calculator data

- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab
--- Reorganized the 'Delay' calculator display
--- Added 'Job' and 'Other' Martial Arts contribution display
---- Now displays the 'Martial Arts' trait level active for the selected job

-- Changes to the 'Magic' tab
--- Expanded Healing calculator to allow more specific control and customization
---- Added main entry boxes for Base, Gear, Atma, Food, and Other for Healing Skill, Mind, and Vitality
---- Added 'Equipment Box' sets for Healing Skill, Mind, and Vitality
---- Added 'Atma' selection box for increasing Cure Potency, Mind, and Vitality
--- Implemented base cure cap values for 'Cure V' (810) and 'Cure VI' (1140)
---- Heal display will turn red when the base Cure value has been reached

3.76 - 01/28/11
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Implemented 'Martial Arts IV' for Puppetmaster level 87

3.75 - 01/25/11
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Total 'Store TP' is no longer capped at 100
-- Dual Wield equipment checkboxes now function simultaneously with manual Dual Wield entry boxes
-- Implemented selection box for 'Kenkonken' levels 75, 80, 85, and 90
--- Each 'Martial Arts' trait preliminarily set to -20 delay
--- Implemented 'TP Reduction' checkbox to activate or deactivate the TP reduction effect from Kenkonken's 'Martial Arts' traits
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Implemented 'Immanence' magic lists
-- Added Blue Magic 'Delta Thrust'
-- Updated elements of several weapon skills

3.74 - 01/22/11
- Corrected some spelling errors in the display text
- Changes to the 'Merits' Section
-- Changed text display for Minne and Minuet from Recast to Effect
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab
--- Raider's Boomerang now functions with Ninja and Dancer sub jobs with Thief main job
--- Samurai sub job no longer removes Dual Wield from Thief main job
--- Added Cirque Pantaloni +1 and +2 and set to -5 and -10 delay
--- Added 'Animating Wail' Haste effect
--- Added 'Ascending One' to the Atma list
---- Haste set to 10% but Snapshot effect is still unimplemented
-- Changes to the 'Magic' tab
--- Implemented 'Haven Hose' and 'Siegel Sash'
---- Preliminarily set both to +20 Stoneskin

3.73 - 12/22/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Changes to the 'Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' tabs
--- Implemented 'Accuracy Bonus III' for Dragoon and Dancer
--- Corrected bug that gave 'Accuracy Bonus III' to Level 49 Rangers
-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab
--- Added 'Charis Casaque' to the 'Dual Wield' section
--- Added 'Blue Mage Store TP' checkbox
--- Implemented Atma section for boosting Store TP and Haste
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Added several Blue Mage abilities
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' section
-- Added new synthetic and zone Atma to the checklist

3.72 - 12/07/10
- Set default player level to 90 in the relevant sections
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' section
-- Added new Abyssite to the checklist

3.71 - 12/05/10
- Added Clear menu and Open and Save buttons to the right side of the toolbar
-- Toolbar Open supports most Calculator file types but Save only saves Collection Files
-- Implemented Shortcut keys for the Clear menu (Alt+C), Open (Alt+O), and Save (Alt+S)
-- Removed Clear, Open, and Save buttons from most of the individual Calculator sections
- Added preliminary support for a level 90 cap in the relevant sections
-- Default values remain set to 85
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' section
-- Corrected label alignment issue under 'Desired' when running at 120 DPI

3.70 - 11/30/10
- Replaced main tab interface with a new virtual tab interface
- Removed menu bar
-- Moved 'Collection File' controls and 'Help' menu to the new virtual tab bar
- Changes to the 'Merits' section
-- Removed dead space around Job options for 'Job Specific Merits'
- Changes to the 'Statistics' section
-- Increased precision of 'Total Delay' seconds to 2 decimal places
-- Changed 'Raider's Boomerang' to 3% Dual Wield
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' section
-- Updated elemental properties for several weapon skills
-- Added Empyrean weapon skills
-- Added option to show or hide Empyrean weapon skills in the final output
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' section
-- Added 'Forced-Spawn NM' tab under 'Abyssea' for tracking forced-spawn NM progress

3.67 - 11/04/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Implemented 'Dual Wield V' trait for Ninja level 85
-- Added 'Ika Zukin +2', 'Ika Set +2', and 'Raider's Boomerang' to the 'Delay' tab
--- Bonuses set to 5% Dual Wield

3.65 - 10/16/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Ranged Attack' option in the 'Delay' tab
-- Implemented 'Snapshot' Job Trait

3.64 - 10/15/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added proper cap to 'Marinara Pizza' and 'Marinara Pizza +1' in the 'Melee Accuracy' tab
-- Adjusted values for 'March I' and 'March II' in the 'Delay' tab
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' tab
-- Added new Abyssite and reorganized layout of the 'Abyssite' tab under 'Abyssea'

3.62 - 09/27/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Fixed bug that allowed selected 'Shaolin Belt' with 'Footwork' under the 'Delay' tab
-- Changes to the 'Magic' > 'Healing' tab
--- Fixed bug that prevented weather and day bonuses from changing the minimum cure values
--- Added BLU spell Plenilune Embrace
--- Removed weather and day bonuses from BLU spells other than Plenilune Embrace
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' tab
-- Added 'Abyssea' tab
--- Features 'Abyssite' and 'Atma' tabs with checklists for collecting each

3.61 - 09/23/10
- FFXI Calculator now has a directory structure
-- 'data' will store crafting, equipment, and other information used by the calculator
-- 'settings.dat' will store user option choices

- Added 'FFXI Calculator Update'
-- Accessed from 'Help' > 'Check for Updates'
-- Checks for new versions and can download and install automatically
-- Features option (default off) to check for new versions when the Calculator starts

- Fixed active but darkened dropdown boxes on Windows XP systems

3.50 - 09/18/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Changes to the 'Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' tabs
--- Corrected bug that allowed entering multiple negative signs in the equipment boxes
-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab
--- Locked 'Footwork' delay to 480 in the Delay calculator
--- Added 'Cirque Pantaloni' as a 'Martial Arts' option
-- Changes to the 'Magic' tab
--- Implemented 'Healing' calculator
---- Added 'Cure VI Testing Override' area to try various formula constants

3.44 - 09/16/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Implemented 'Blitzer's Roll' in the 'Delay' calculator
-- Changes to the 'Skill Caps' tab
--- Corrected bug that caused 'Skill Enhancements' to apply to the wrong combat or magic skill
--- Added support for a total of seven 'Skill Enhancements'

3.43 - 09/14/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added new 'Martial Arts' trait for 'Monk' at level 82 and higher
-- Updated 'Footwork' delay at level 82 and higher

3.42 - 09/14/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Changes to the 'Skill Caps' tab
--- Corrected Ranks E and F for levels 81 to 85
--- Implemented 'Skill Enhancements' section for adding extra skill points to up to four of the displayed skill values

3.41 - 09/12/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Updated ranks D through A+ for levels 81 to 85 in the 'Skill Caps' tab
--- Ranks E and F for 81 to 85 are extrapolated from 76 to 80

3.40 - 09/08/10
- Updated level cap to 85
-- Data for 'Experience Points' and 'Skill Caps' for 81 to 85 extrapolated from 76 to 80

3.35 - 09/07/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab
--- Added 'Spirit Surge'
--- Haste points over the cap now display in parentheses for Equipment, Magic, and Job Ability Haste
--- Changed 'Catastrophe' to 'Equipment' Haste and removed 'Relic' Haste display

3.34 - 09/03/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- 'Cirque Necklace' and 'Shaolin Belt' set to -10 delay each

3.33 - 09/03/10
- Corrected rare bug in the decimal truncation method
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' tab
-- Consolidated Assault Point area tabs into one tab called 'Assault Point Rewards'

3.32 - 09/02/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- 'Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' tabs now support negative numbers for accuracy on equipment
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' tab
-- Added known skillchain properties to 290/300 combat skill weapon skills
-- Corrected skillchain properties of automaton weapon skills

3.31 - 08/27/10
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Removed tabbed interface for 'Job Specific Merits' and implemented a list interface
--- Background highlighting for the currently displayed Job
--- Text highlighting for any Job with merits entered
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Implemented 'Thief' main job and 'Blitzer's Roll'
- Changes to the 'Battle Events' tab
-- Fixed display alignment issue under the 'Temenos' tab

3.30 - 08/26/10
- Greatly increased the vertical (15%) and horizontal (30%) size of the program display window
- Removed ellipses from the entries under the 'Clear' menu option
- Fixed display alignment issues on several tabs

- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Group 2 merits now display alongside Group 1 merits in the 'Job Specific Merits' section

- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Changes to the 'Delay' tab'
--- Haste 'Total' now reports points over the cap in parentheses
--- Added manual entry box for Dual Wield values on equipment
--- Added 'Charis Necklace', 'Auric Dagger', 'Nusku's Sash' to the Dual Wield Equipment box
--- Added 'Cirque Necklace', 'Shaolin Belt' to the 'Martial Arts' box
--- Implemented 'Footwork' for Monk main job
-- Changes to the 'Skill Caps' tab
--- Added 'Job 3' option

- Added 'Battle Events' tab
-- Contains former 'Dynamis', 'Limbus', and 'Assault' tabs
-- Changes to the 'Limbus' tab
--- Greatly modified the interface of the 'Apollyon' and 'Temenos' tabs

- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Moved 'Load Settings,' 'Apply Settings,' and 'Clear Settings' from the bottom to the upper right
-- Added quality level information to the dropdown options under Textures and Effects

3.25 - 07/28/10
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Renamed 'High Quality' to 'High Compression' and 'Low Quality' to 'Low Compression' under 'Texture Compression'

3.24 - 07/08/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Implemented 'Dancer' and 'Blue Mage' job options in the 'Delay' calculator

3.23 - 07/01/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Corrected bug that cleared the base delay for all H2H combinations above level 75 in the 'Delay' calculator

3.22 - 06/24/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Corrected bug that disabled SAM job trait Store TP calculation for levels above 75 in the 'Delay' calculator
-- Updated 'Skill Caps' to the latest known values
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' tab
-- New 290-300 skill Weapon Skills added (skillchain elements for each are still unknown)

3.21 - 06/22/10
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' tab
-- Updated to support Level 80 in experience points calculations
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Updated to support Level 80 in the Accuracy, Delay, and Skill Caps calculators
-- Updated default monster level and evasion in the Accuracy calculator for Level 80
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Previous 'launcher.ini' settings are now saved to 'launcher.ini.bak' when saving new settings

3.20 - 05/06/10
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Innin' and 'Yonin' to the 'Melee Accuracy' section
-- Corrected haste values for Advancing March and Victory March in the 'Delay' calculator
-- Updated Puppermaster Hand-to-Hand combat skill in the 'Skill Caps' section
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Updated 'Cooking' recipe list used by the the Recipe Search

3.19 - 08/14/09
- Changes to the 'Dynamis' tab
-- Hourglass price set to 500,000 Gil
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Added 200,000 GP items to the Guild Point Items list

3.18 - 07/31/09
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added Phantom Roll Effect 'Hunter's Roll' to the Melee and Ranged Accuracy calculators
-- Added Phantom Roll Effect 'Samurai Roll' to the Delay calculator

3.17 - 07/28/09
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Body Haste entry box is now disabled when selecting 'Augmentation (+3)'
-- 'Ninja Chainmail' and 'Augmentation (+3)' can no longer be selected at the same time
-- Added 'Crab Sushi' and 'Crab Sushi +1' to the Melee Accuracy calculator
-- 'Accuracy Bonus II' now taken into account when Dancer is selected and level is 60 or above
-- Added 'Stone Mufflers' option to the Stoneskin and Phalanx calculator
-- 'Stoneskin (Maximum: )' will now update based on the stoneskin equipment selections

3.16 - 07/06/09
- Corrected an error in the default maximum value for Group 2 merit options

3.15 - 04/23/09
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Marinara Pizza' and 'Marinara Pizza +1' to the Melee Accuracy calculator
-- Added 'Wrestler's Mantle' and 'Kenkonken' options to the Delay calculator

3.12 - 04/13/09
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Fixed bug with Dual Wield delay calculation and display
-- Added 'Augment (+3)' to Dual Wield equipment and calculation
-- Added 'Haste Samba' option
-- Changed 'Desperate Blows' Haste to calculate as Job Ability Haste
-- Removed 'Merit Haste' display

3.11 - 04/12/09
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Filled in Dancer and Scholar Group 1 and Group 2 Merits
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'En-Spell II' damage calculation to the 'En-Spell' tab
- Changes to the 'Assault' tab
-- Fixed incorrectly labeled section header

3.10 - 04/11/09
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Composure' option to the Melee Accuracy calculator
-- Adjusted default Mob Level and Mob Evasion to better match the average Greater Colibri
-- Corrected several skill caps for the expansion jobs
-- Added 'Scholar (Light Arts)' and 'Scholar (Dark Arts)' options to the Skill Caps calculator

- Changes to the 'Skillchains' tab
-- Skillchains engine completely rewritten
-- Added Mythic and Relic weapon skills
-- Corrected several improperly listed skillchains
-- Added new 'Advanced Weapon Skills' section to show to hide Mythic or Relic weapon skills

- Changes to the 'Dynamis' tab
-- Added Dynamis equipment for each of the newer jobs in the appropriate areas

- Changes to the 'Limbus' tab
-- Added Artifact +1 Materials for each of the newer jobs
-- Adjusted size and layout of materials list for readability

- Changes to the 'About' box
-- Updated e-mail address and program site links

- General changes
-- F1 and 'Help Center' now open the correct web address

3.05 - 04/09/09
- Changes to the 'Merit' tab
-- Updated Group 2 Merit caps to 5 each and 10 total
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Updated Phalanx II to 5 possible ranks in the Enhancement calculator

3.04 - 03/24/08
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added new display boxes to show the Dual Wield coefficients being used internally

3.03 - 03/21/08
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Stoneskin and Phalanx' and 'En-Spell' tabs to the 'Magic' section
-- Implemented a new En-Spell calculator

3.02 - 03/14/08
- Increased the vertical size of the program display window by 7%
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Adjusted total haste reduction to 80% to match the March FFXI update
-- Added 'Catastrophe' option to the Delay calculator
-- Added 'Haste Display' to show the internal Haste variables used by the Delay calculator and FFXI
-- Renamed 'Haste+:' to 'Total Haste:' to display the internal value for total haste

3.00 - 03/03/08
- Changes to the 'Collection File'
-- Added preliminary support for DNC and SCH Group 2 Merits
-- Added support for the Experience Points buffers
-- Added support for the Assault Missions list

- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Replaced 'Removed Merits' and 'Spent Merits' with a listing of the total EXP earned through merits

- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Adjusted readout for Accuracy under 'Melee Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' to show the first decimal place
-- Added 'Gravity' and 'Feint' options to adjust hit rate readout based on these enfeebles
-- Updated 'Delay' to use the newer 1024 system in place of the old 256 system
-- Added 'Job 2' selection to 'Skill Caps' to allow directly comparing skill caps between jobs

- Changes to the 'Skillchains' tab
-- Corrected some misplaced Automaton skillchains

- Changes to the 'Assault' tab
-- Added 'Missions' tab to keep track of completed Assault missions toward gaining Captain rank
-- Added 'Salvage' run display to each Assault area as well as a 'Total Salvage Runs' display

- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Added 'Search Commands' section
--- Added 'Display All In Catagory' to display all items in the catagory based on the current Search Information

- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Added new buttons to easily adjust the size ratio of the "Background" resolution box
--- Allows adjusting the background resolution to a ratio of 1x, 1.5x, or 2x the display resolution without having to manually calculate values
-- Changes to the Windower.INI Settings section
--- Renamed the section to Launcher.ini to reflect the change in the latest Windower
--- Current INI Settings are now displayed on file load
--- New INI Settings now have 2 seperate boxes to modify
--- Renamed buttons and added a seperate 'Save INI Only' button

2.94 (2306) - 11/22/07
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Fixed bug that would cause 'Staff' Combat Skill merits not to count toward the total
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Replaced DEX:ACC 1:1 ratio for 2 handed weapons with 4:3 ratio
-- Added Dancer to the selectable jobs for Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy calculation
-- Corrected bug in 'Skill Caps' that could cause the job list to truncate and force the use of the scroll bar

2.93 - 11/22/07
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Corrected bug in Hand-to-Hand TP calculation
-- Corrected rounding bug with calculating the effect of Store TP on the character's base TP

2.92 - 11/21/07
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added preliminary values for Dancer and Scholar to the Skill Caps section
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Added 'Start in Windowed Mode' option to enable the new built in windowing function

2.91 - 11/19/07
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Added new Dancer and Scholar tabs to the Job Specific Merits section
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Disabled the offhand entry box when 'Sword Strap' is selected for players with Ninja as a subjob
-- Fixed several bugs with calculating Hand-to-Hand TP per hit for main jobs other than Monk or Puppetmaster
-- Added TP per hit display for players with a shield/offhand item or players without native Hand-to-Hand Combat Skill
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Corrected display error that showed 'Uncompressed' Texture Compression as 'High Quality'

2.90 - 11/15/07
- Increased the vertical size of the calculator by 8%
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' tab
-- Updated job list with the newly announced 'Dancer' and 'Scholar'
-- Added Level 75 'Buffer' box to store the current buffer experience points of a level 75 character
- Changes to the 'Limbus' tab
-- Updated Artifact+1 item information for areas in the Temenos section

2.81 - 10/26/07
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Fixed a few incorrectly named food items in the Accuracy calculators
-- Food Effects will now add their DEX effect correctly for users with 'Two-Handed Weapon' selected
-- Corrected error with Hand-to-Hand TP display representing the total of both fists rather than each fist individually
-- Removed the ability to select the 'Hasso' effect while calculating Hand-to-Hand delay information
-- Corrected certain 'Level' entry boxes that mistakenly allowed values above 75

2.80 - 10/14/07
- Under Windows Vista, 'FFXI Settings' will now disable changing or reading settings if the program was not launched with 'Run as Administrator' or if UAC is not disabled
- Removed 18 member limit on the Limbus coin divider
- Changes to the Statistics tab
-- Added 'Estimated Hit-Rate' calculation to the Accuracy tabs
--- Calculates approximate hit rate percentage based on the monster information entered
--- Default 'Enemy Information' settings are roughly equal to the average ToAU exp areas
-- Added 'Sword Strap' option to the 'Delay' calculator

2.73 - 10/01/07
- Corrected bug that caused the offhand delay box to appear without Ninja selected as the main or sub job
- Updated the Haste caps in the 'Delay' calculator

2.72 - 09/29/07
- Corrected bug on 64-bit systems that caused the calculator to load extremely slowly and use far too much memory
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Two-Handed' option under 'Weapon Type' in the Melee Accuracy calculator to correctly calculate Accuracy from DEX for these weapons
-- Added 'Accuracy Bonus II" for Dragoon to the internal calculation
-- Added 'Desperate Blows' option to the Delay calculator to calculate Delay while 'Last Resort' is active with 'Desperate Blows' merits
-- Corrected a bug that would sometimes display the Hand-to-Hand '+' symbol despite selecting 'Unlisted Main Job" in the Delay calculator

2.71 - 06/22/07
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Store TP Merits' option to the Delay/TP calculator for Samurai main job when the level specified is 75
-- Corrected tooltip display for Hasso under the Delay/TP calculator
-- Added 'Hasso' job ability option to the Melee Accuracy calculator

2.70 - 06/21/07
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Completely modified and updated the internal delay calculation
-- Added 'TP Per Hit' display to the 'Delay' calculator
--- Displays calculated TP Per Hit and Hits for 100 TP
--- Updated 'Delay' job lists with support for Samurai
--- Added new 'Store TP' equipment box grid for using with the TP calculator

2.68 - 06/19/07
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Corrected numerous bugs with 'Accuracy Bonus' trait calculation when using lower level jobs

2.67 - 06/18/07
- Removed the 'Help Center' and replaced it with links to the new forum area
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Added 'Hasso' under Delay effects
-- Modified the Dual Wield reduction formula
-- Added 'Stone Gorget' to the Enhancing Magic calculator

2.66 - 05/30/07
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Updated with the new caps on 'Combat Skills' and 'Magic Skills'
-- Added the new Group 2 Merit abilities and traits for Blue Mage, Corsair, and Puppetmaster
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Renamed 'Clear File' to 'Clear Selection' under 'Windower.ini' to clarify the purpose of the button

2.65 - 05/29/07
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Added 'Windower.ini' section for setting the Windower display resolution
- Changes to the 'Dynamis' tab
-- Added the 4 CoP Dynamis areas with complete drop information
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Updated 'Recipe Search' index

2.60 - 05/07/07
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Removed the previous cap on 'Background Resolution' (Note: Background Resolution settings above 4096 may cause FFXI to return to the PlayOnline screen with no error)
-- Changed 'Background Resolution' of 'Highest Quality' to 2x current display resolution
-- Added message box to alert the user that the settings have been applied after pressing 'Apply Settings'
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Added 'Display Recipes for Materials' option to display the crafting recipes for the materials of each search result
- Changes to the 'Assault' tab
-- Added 'Assault Rank Points' calculator for storing current points and displaying remaining new/repeat missions required
- Slightly adjusted the delay calculation for each March effect
- Adjusted the calculation for Accuracy above 200 combat skill

2.56 - 05/03/07
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Fixed bug that incorrectly reported a previous HQ result for an item with no HQ result
-- Added mininum and maximum crafting skill boxes to specify the skill range to search through
-- Added option to search and display recipes of unknown levels
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Corrected error with the 'Ninja' Group 1 section that incorrectly displayed the merit totals in the wrong boxes
-- Fixed Tab-key order on the 'Black Mage' and 'Ninja' sub-tabs

2.55 - 05/03/07
- Added menu system with Open, Save, Clear, and Help options
-- Features new 'Collection File' option that saves all settings (except Windower Macros) to a single .ffcc file
- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Letter rank will now display next to the skill cap value on the 'Skill Cap' tab
- Changes to the 'Help Center'
-- Added more FAQ options and improved the search detection

2.50 - 04/30/07
- Replaced the remaining red buttons (not the Help menu) with standard Windows buttons
-- Hold down Alt while viewing the buttons to see the shortcut key for each button
- Added the 'FFXI Calculator Help Center'
-- Contains 'FAQ Search' that uses the Live Search functionality to display items in the FAQ database
-- Accessible from the new Help menu or by pushing F1

2.43 - 04/29/07
- Changes to the 'Melee Accuracy' tab
-- Added 'Job Abilities' section with 'Aggressor,' 'Focus,' and 'Souleater'
- Changes to the 'Recipe Search' tab
-- Enabled 'Live Search' by default
-- Improved the report text when no results are found
- Changes to the 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Replaced all red buttons with standard Windows buttons and adjusted the placement
- Improved several internal functions

2.42 - 04/26/07
- Adjusted alignment issue with the display boxes on the 'Enhancing Magic' tab
- Corrected error that caused the Merits display to cut off if increased beyond 999 with 120 DPI
- Corrected tab-key order for the new 'Per Run' boxes on the 'Assault' tab
- Increased the entry limit of 'Current' and 'Desired' Merits on the 'Experience Points' tab to support the 1,037 theoretical in use merit point limit

2.41 - 04/25/07
- Added Splash Screen to mask some of the load time of the primary calculator window
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Added 'Enable Live Search' checkbox to activate the recipe search as text is entered
- Changes to the 'Assault' tab
-- Added 'Per Run' entry box and 'Assaults:' report box to enter current Assault Points per run and display required runs remaining
- Changed to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Removed the calculator-imposed caps on 'Phalanx' and 'Phalanx II'
--- The reported values will now scale indefinitely with the merits and enhancing skill selection

2.40 - 04/24/07
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Increased the speed of the 'Recipe Search' by over 50x for a reduction of 98% searching time
- Changes to the 'Delay' calculator
-- Redesigned the appearance for simplicity
-- Added support for the 'Concentration' effect
-- Corrected minor error with the calculation function
-- Fixed error that caused the 'Dual Wield' reduction of 'Ninja' main and sub to activate even with no delay in the offhand box
-- Fixed bug that allowed entry of an offhand delay without one in the mainhand

2.30 - 04/21/07
- Changes to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Added several missing recipes and corrected some errors
-- Added number of results found and search time to the output of the 'Recipe Search'
-- Enhanced the size of the Guild list under 'Guild Status' to improve readability
-- Added 'Guild Information' tab
--- Contains 'Locations,' 'Guild Point Items,' and 'Guild Test Items' for all 9 guilds
--- Features a clickable '?' option that integrates with 'Recipe Search' to find the ingredients for the required test items
- Changes to the 'Accuracy' tab under 'Statistics'
-- Redesigned the 'Melee Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' tabs
--- Now contain all food options and Bard songs
--- Total 'Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' display moved to the upper right and the color is enhanced for readability

2.22 - 04/19/07
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' tab
-- Added 'Copy' option that will copy a summary of the entered EXP, Merits, and Job Levels to paste into another program or browser
- Changes to the 'Latent Effect' tab
-- Renamed 'Latent Effect' to 'Latent Effect Points' to better convey the purpose
-- Added 'Open,' 'Save,' and 'Clear' options for storing multiple latent effect weapons or for working on one over a longer period of time
- Changes to the 'Skillchains' tab
-- Enhanced the color of 'Swap Weapons' to better convey that it exists
- Fixed nearly all the remaining errors with running at greater than 96 DPI
- Errors that could occur from loading a FFXI Calculator file while launching the program have been corrected
- Corrected color mismatch with the 'Open' and 'Save' option on the 'Merits' tab caused by opening a newer 'Merit Points file'
- Corrected error with 'Open' and 'Save' dialogs that caused filenames and selected filters used on previous tabs to act as the default when using 'Open' or 'Save' on another tab
-- Note: Each FFXI Calculator file shares the .ffc extension, but they are actually seperate; please name them accordingly

2.21 - 04/18/07
- Changes to the 'Experience Points' tab
-- Adjusted 'Merit Points' and 'Current Rate' downward to fill in the empty space
-- Added 'Stored Limit Points' to account for limit points already obtained
- Changes to the 'Merits' tab
-- Added 'Copy' option to copy a summary of the entered merits to the clipboard to paste into any other program or browser
-- Corrected missing Ninja Group 2 option 'Sange'
-- Corrected bug that caused the catagory scroll bars to jump back each time the 'Vana'diel Time' updated
- Gave the file loading error messages a more descriptive appearance
- Corrected errors in a few recipes

2.20 - 04/17/07
- Added 'Vana'diel Time' at the bottom of the calculator
-- Reports the current Vana'diel time by using the value set on the system clock (make sure your time and timezone are correct!)
- Added 'Guild Timers' to the 'Crafting' tab
-- Displays the current Open, Closed, or Holiday status of each guild and gives an Earth-time report of when that status changes
- Fixed serveral more errors with the layout when running at greater than 96 DPI
- Corrected error causing serveral drop-down boxes to limit the display to only 4 items
- Adjusted the alignment of several option labels across the program
- Added popup box displays of the accuracy percentage for the various food options in the 'Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' calculators

2.10 - 04/14/07
- Added 'Crafting' tab
-- Features full search index for synthesis and desynthesis recipes from all 8 professions
-- Allows searching by Name, HQ Name, and Ingredients
- Corrected bug causing the 'Macro' template tooltip boxes to appear on the 'FFXI Settings' templates
- Fixed numerous issues with resizing when running on DPI settings higher than 96
- Corrected error with Phalanx II 'Maximize' report
- Renamed 'Load Current Settings' and 'Apply Settings' from the FFXI Settings tab to 'Load Current FFXI Settings' and 'Apply Settings To FFXI'
- Added numerous tooltip boxes across the program to better explain the function of each box or feature

2.01 - 04/10/07
- Adjusted misaligned buttons on the 'FFXI Settings' tab
- Corrected error causing button options to stay blue on the 'Macros' or 'FFXI Settings' tabs after picking a template
- Fixed display error on the About box
- Corrected minor error in the display of the Skillchain calculator
- Corrected potential problem with loading and saving settings from FFXI when running on 64-bit versions of Windows
- Renamed 'Load From Registry' and 'Save To Registry' to 'Load Current Settings' and 'Apply Settings' to better convey their purpose

2.00 - 04/09/07

- Added new 'Macros' tab
-- Features basic Windower Macro editor with built-in templates and inserts
-- Undo function for the last major action the user performs on the text (not keypresses, templates, inserts, or clears)

- Added new 'FFXI Settings' tab
-- Allows for editing FFXI Settings beyond what the normal configuration program allows
-- Features Settings Templates and Open and Save options for fast loading and storing of game settings

- Global application changes
-- Adjusted alignment for various catagory/calculation labels that were shifted from changing fonts
-- Added support for launching the program with a Merit, Assault, or Experience Points file

- Changes to the 'Merit Calculator' tab
-- Completely revised merit calculation functions
-- Removed the word'Total' from each option in the output
-- Reduced the horizontal size of the output block by 50%
-- Increased the vertical size of the Job Specific Group 1 and 2 merits box by 18%

- Changes to the 'Experience Points' tab
-- Fixed a few misaligned display fields

- Changes to the 'Statistics' tab
-- Removed 'Melee' and 'Ranged' tabs and replaced them with 'Accuracy' tab
-- Reordered tabs to group Melee/Ranged and Magic functions together with 'Skill Caps' in between
-- Replaced Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy output display with 2 seperate labels to improve consistency
-- Colorized the 'Melee Accuracy' and 'Ranged Accuracy' display
-- Added all appropriate 'Food Effects' options for the 'Melee' and 'Ranged' Accuracy calculators
-- Added 'seconds' display to the delay calculator output
-- Colorized Delay output
-- Checking any of the 'Dual Wield' enhancement gear options will now prevent entering a Haste+ value for that slot
-- Checking 'Haste Belt' now prevents entering a Haste+ value for the belt slot
-- Checking 'Haste Belt' or 'Sarashi' will now properly uncheck the other one
-- Ability to select the 'Dual Wield' checkboxes will now change based on the level of the character
-- Modified 'Haste Belt' to correctly follow the job and level limitations
-- Added 'Latent Effect' tab
--- Moved Latent Effect calculator to the new 'Latent Effect' tab
-- Increased the size of the Skill Cap display items by 12%
-- Fixed error with 'Summoner' and 'Summoning Skill' reporting in the Skill Cap calculator
-- Colorized the 'Damage Absorbed' and 'Maximize' displays in the Enhancing calculator under the 'Magic' tab
-- Corrected error that caused the 'Phalanx II' calculator to report 1 damage absorption despite choosing '0 Merits'

- Changes to the 'Skillchains' tab
-- Drastically improved calculator update speed when changing weapons or choosing 'Swap Weapons'
-- Removed 'Calculator' and 'Latent Effect' tabs to give the Calculator a larger display area
-- Increased the vertical size of the display by 34%
-- Removed "Puppet -" from the Automaton weapon entries
-- Moved 'Swap Weapons' above the weapon selection combo boxes
-- Fixed a few errors in the calculator output

- Changes to the 'Dynamis' tab
-- Revised the precision and rounding of the 'Hourglass Split' calculator
-- Added radio buttons for 'Nearest Thousand' and 'Exact Amount' splitting
-- Added tabs for all six original Dynamis areas
--- Implemented 'Relic Armor' list for each area

- Changes to the 'Limbus' tab
-- Renamed 'CS' tab under 'Apollyon' to 'CS Apollyon'
-- Added full information to 'CS Apollyon'
-- Added partial information to 'Central Basement 1' under 'Temenos' -- Colorized output for the currency divider

- Changes to the 'About FFXI Calculator' tab
-- Removed 'About FFXI Calculator' tab
-- Placed 'About FFXI Calculator' button in the upper right which now displays the program information

1.94 - 03/31/07
- Added 'Skill Caps' calculator under 'Statistics'
-- Displays caps or progression ranks for all combat and magic skills based on level and job input
- Skillchain Calculator 1.34
-- Corrected bug that caused the calculator to crash if only one weapon and weapon skill were selected before clicking 'Swap Weapons'

1.93 - 03/31/07
- Skillchain Calculator 1.33
-- Corrected bug that caused the calculator to crash if certain combinations of weapons and weapon skills were chosen
-- Modified the weapon skill selectors to retain the selected skill if the other weapon or weapon skill is changed
- Colorized parts of the Merit calculator to match the output display

1.92 - 03/29/07
- Modified the primary font for readability
- Skillchain Calculator 1.32
-- Corrected bug that caused a crash if the second weapon was chosen before the first

1.91 - 03/29/07
- Modified 'Experience Points' tab
-- Adjusted alignment of current and desired Job level display
-- EXP Per Hour will now accept a decimal and the input size is increased to 4 characters
-- Desired Merits display adjusted to the right to properly line up with the Current Merits display
-- Colorized current and desired job level display to match the summary text
- Skillchain Calculator 1.31
-- Specific weapon skill selectors moved above the output area and the dropdown box size increased
-- Colorized the text for each elemental monster weakness
- Fixed bug in the 'Delay' calculator that allowed 'Monk' or 'Puppetmaster' to stay selected as sub-job without Hand-to-Hand main selection

1.90 - 03/27/07
- Added 'Experience Points' tab
-- Calculates total earned and desired experience and limit points from job levels or merits
-- Determines remaining time and kills based on desired experience points and current rate information
-- Added 'Open', 'Save', and 'Close' features to record the entered information for easier updating
- Modified 'Merits' tab
-- Added 'Set Current' and 'Set Desired' option to move the value of 'Total In Use' to the 'Current' or 'Desired' Merits section in the 'Experience Points' tab
- Skillchain Calculator 1.30
-- Added specific weapon skill selectors for each weapon chosen
-- Added 'Swap Weapons' button to switch the chosen first and second weapons and the selected weapon skills
- Fixed bug caused by using the 'Other Hand-to-Hand' primary option with the 'Ninja (Dual Wield)' secondary option in the Delay calculator
- Corrected inconsistencies with the description displays in the 'Assault' tab
- Removed several misplaced objects from the 'Black Mage' section in the 'Merits' tab

1.85 - 03/15/07
- Added 'Assault' tab
-- 'Summary' tab displays desired and required points and allows entry of current points
-- Added location tabs that display the items for that area and allows entry of current points
--- Hovering over each item briefly displays a box containing its statistics
-- Implemented 'Open', 'Save', and 'Clear' for easier retrieval

1.80 - 03/05/07
- Modified the Statistics tab
-- Added 'Delay' sub-tab for calculating Haste and final delay information
-- Renamed 'Weapon Skill' to 'Combat Skill' on the Accuracy calculators to prevent confusion
- Fixed a bug with the Accuracy calculators that would prevent recalculation while editing the equipment grid

1.77 - 03/01/07
- Made a few minor corrections to the display text in the 'Skillchains' tab

1.76 - 02/27/07
- Made a few minor changes to the Enhancing Magic Calculator
-- Adjusted the placement of Phalanx
-- Changed display of "N/A" to "--"
- Removed default '0' from the input boxes in the Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy calculators
- Made a few minor changes to the Latent Effect Calculator
-- Removed "Points:" label from the 'Current' Display, but left actual point display intact
-- Changed 'Current' points display text to green

1.75 - 02/15/07
- Fixed a few layout bugs with the text in the Limbus section
- Fixed shading error on the Accuracy combo boxes for non-Vista systems
- Fixed error causing 'Save' to change color when the save process was canceled
- Made a number of changes to the Enhancing Magic calculator under the 'Magic' sub-tab
-- All buttons removed for automatic calculation on keypress
-- Total Mind entry box replaced
--- Now uses two boxes for base and equipment bonuses
--- Total is tabulated next to the entry boxes
-- Stoneskin and Phalanx result sentence removed and replaced with a simple box display
-- Phalanx damage reduction cap added
-- Phalanx II display added with appropriate cap

1.74 - 02/09/07
- Split 'Melee and Ranged' subtab into two seperate tabs
-- Enhanced Melee Accuracy Calculator
--- Added Accuracy+ Calculator to tally the total Accuracy+ from equipment
--- Fixed minor bug with Blue Mage Accuracy calculation
-- Added Ranged Accuracy Calculator
--- Contains all of the features of the Melee Accuracy Calculator

1.73 - 02/09/07
- Renamed 'Magic' tab to 'Statistics'
-- New sub-tab 'Melee and Ranged'
--- Added an Accuracy Calculator
-- New sub-tab 'Magic'
--- Moved 'Enhancing Magic Calculator' here

1.72 - 02/07/07
- Skillchain Calculator 1.22
-- Removed the Display button and automated Skillchain calculation
- Enhanced 'Limbus' section
-- Added 'Notes' tab to various Limbus areas
--- Notes contain special information unique to those areas or monsters

1.71 - 02/06/07
- Skillchain Calculator 1.21
-- Corrected a few errors in the display of some skillchains

1.70 - 01/29/07
- Skillchain Calculator 1.20
-- Fully implemented!
-- Calculator display now updates automatically when any of the weapons or filters are changed
-- Added all remaining chain starters
-- Modified all Puppet Frame chain starters and closers to reflect the newer abilities
-- Calculator display is now more verbose
--- Currently displayed weapons now added to the top of the log
--- Selected monster weakness displays in the log when one or more are chosen
--- Avatar names now fully display
--- Skillchain elements now listed next to the Skillchain name
-- Added new Filters for Skillchain results
--- Filter by Skillchain level
--- Filter by Monster Weakness

1.55a - 01/26/07 - Alpha
- Skillchain Calculator 1.04a
-- Not fully implemented!
-- Implemented Avatar, Hand-to-hand, and Dagger chain starters
- Open and Save options on the Merit interface now functional
-- Color of 'Open' and 'Save' will change to blue when finished loading and saving

1.53a - 10/18/06 - Alpha
- Skillchain Calculator 1.02a
-- Not fully implemented!
-- Implemented Blue Mage chain starter
-- Implemented all Puppet Frame chain starters
- Corrected issue that caused the merits in the 'Others' section to not properly tally
- Modified Skillchains section
-- Renamed embedded 'Skillchains' tab to 'Calculator'
-- Added 'Solo/Start' option to the Latent Effect calculator
- Added Open and Save option to the Merit Calculator
-- Not functional yet!
- Modified About FFXI Calculator tab
- Modified the names of various tabs and information labels
-- 'Hourglass Split' (under Dynamis tab) renamed to 'Hourglass Divider'
-- 'Limbus' (under Limbus>General subtab) renamed to 'Currency Divider'
-- 'Artifact +1' (under Limbus>General subtab) renamed to 'Artifact +1 Materials'

1.50a - 10/17/06 - Alpha
- Added Skillchain Calculator 1.0a
-- Not fully implemented!
-- Only weapon starters with a * next to their name have been implemented
- Modified the Limbus information tabs
-- Corrected an error in the Apollyon NE information section
-- Added missing artifact +1 jobs to certain sections
-- Adjusted the layout of various display items in each Limbus section
- Corrected a minor lag issue sometimes visible when incrementing the merit calculator after doing it for the first time
- Added a minimize button to the upper-right of the application window
- Changed the program icon to one created by Fortuna of Lakshmi
** The Skillchain calculator, as well as numerous other features, will be finalized very soon. Check this page often for updates. **

1.40b - 10/14/06
- Modified Merits section
-- Enhanced most of the calculation functions
-- Added 'Clear' option to the upper right that will remove all merit information entered
- Added 'About FFXI Calculator' tab

1.36b - 10/02/06
- Added Dynamis tab
-- Contains a Hourglass Split calculator for determing the price per person and party to enter Dynamis

1.35b - 09/29/06
- Added Skillchains tab
-- Contains a Latent Effect point calculator
- Modified Limbus section
-- Apollyon section fully implemented

1.30a - 09/26/06 - Alpha
- Removed Misc. tab and replaced it with new Limbus section
-- Artifact +1 information added
--- Lists the materials with their respective jobs
--- Lists the specific pieces that are confirmed to drop from each area and level within that area
-- Contains strategy and other general information for each level and section
** Apollyon is not implemented yet. This was released to get input on the layout showcased in the Temenos section. **

1.22b - 09/17/06
- Fixed tab index bug in Magic section
- Limbus coin calculator revised
-- Fixed bug in coins remaining report when coins equal members
-- Slightly revised calculation function

1.20b - 09/14/06
- Limbus coin divider changed
-- Output changed to column view
-- Calculate button removed (automatic calculation on keypress now)

1.11b - 09/14/06
- Initial Release