Description and News - June 22: FFXI Calculator 5.30 released!

Welcome to the offical site of the FFXI Calculator by Revelin of Lakshmi!

FFXI Calculator was originally written as a simple merit point calculator. Since then, it has grown into an extensive utility with many types of calculators, item lists, and more.

To see a complete list of the features in the calculator, click here.

If you would like something added, tweaked, or fixed, you can let me know through e-mail.

Please Note: FFXI Calculator does not make any attempt to interface with either the files or applications of PlayOnline or Final Fantasy XI. As a result, running and using this program is not against the Final Fantasy XI ToS. Furthermore, FFXI Calculator will not scan or record any information, interface with any internet-capable application, or make any attempt to connect to the internet other than through user-approved update checks. You can rest assured that this program is safe and free of any malware.